Oral B 1000 vs 3000 Electric Toothbrush Comparison

The Oral-B Pro Care 1000 is a chargeable toothbrush with one ‘daily clean ‘ mode, retailing at £59.99. It can remove twice as much plaque as a standard toothbrush due to 3D cleaning, where the brush palpitates, oscillates and revolves to attain sparklingly clean teeth. Many patrons say this brush is as good as any Braun electric toothbrush.

The Oral-B Professional Care 3000 is a chargeable toothbrush with 3 modes: daily clean, sensitive and polish, worth less than £100.00. It has a revolutionary 3 dimensional motion to wash teeth, pulsating forty thousand per minute and rotating more than eight thousand times per minute. Both models claim to give naturally better teeth in XXI days time period and are mid-range in the Oral-B electric toothbrush collection.

The Pro Care 1000 model comes with one precision clean brush head, the 3000 model with three interchangeable heads: precision clean, floss action and 3 dimensional white brush head. Both models have pressure sensor technology to minimize teeth and gum damage and optimise brushing results. If excessive force is applied while brushing, the oscillating movement of the brush will continue but the palpitation will stop. There is a notable sound difference and a red light will appear on the back of the handle. Both models also have a timer for inclusive mouth cleaning. Every thirty seconds the brush head will stutter a touch, signifying that another quadrant of the mouth should be cleaned. A long stutter, which can sometimes be heard and felt, signifies the dentist advocated 2 minute brushing time has stopped.

In the case of delicate teeth or bleeding gums, Oral-B suggests utilising the ‘sensitive ‘ mode on the Pro Care model 3000. The 3 brushing modes provide total cleaning for your teeth: daily clean for notable cleaning of teeth and gums, sensitive clean for gentle yet comprehensive cleaning of sensitive areas and polish mode for polishing and bleaching of the teeth by stain cleaning. Model 1000 has just one brush mode but this is reflected in the price, being one third less expensive than the 3000 model. Both come with a totally water-proof charging unit and a two-pin UK plug safe for use in the bathroom. When the toothbrush handle is placed in the charging unit, the green charge indicator light will flash, and will shine continuously when the brush is charged. Both models can use any type of Oral-B brush head, apart from the Pulsonic and Sonic.

Both models, as part of the Oral-B Professional Care range of electric toothbrushes, have been granted a Gold award by the Brit Dental Health Foundation. Oral-B is the no 1 dentist recommended electric toothbrush brand in the world. Customer reviews have been in favor of the straightforward model 1000, which is a solid, trusty chargeable toothbrush and increased value for money than the model 3000.

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